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Mountain Moguls

Mountain Moguls

Introducing "Mountain Moguls," a captivating oil painting by the talented Sharon Grimes, measuring 36"x48". This stunning piece of art is created on a 3'' cradled birch panel, providing a unique textured surface with sleek black edges and a glossy finish. "Mountain Moguls" captures the majestic beauty of snow-covered peaks and rugged terrain, offering a dynamic and expressive portrayal of nature's raw power. This captivating work of art is the perfect addition to any art collection and is sure to make a statement in any room. Purchase "Mountain Moguls" today and bring the breathtaking allure of the mountains into your home.


  • 36"x 48"
  • Oil
  • Created on a 3'' cradled birch panel textured with black edges and gloss finish
  • 2024
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