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The Gregg county historical museum's balloon sculpture project

The Gregg County Historical Museum's Balloon Sculpture Project is a celebration of Longview's history and heritage through customer made metal Hot Air Balloons that will be strategically placed around town to celebrate Longview's Sesquicentennial. Businesses will purchase a 5'6" metal, rust proof, high quality, white balloon sculpture that they can customize with art or a vinyl wrap that celebrates what makes their business special. Vickie Slover, owner of Casa Flora in Longview, TX commissioned Sharon to do the art on her balloon.

The Lab On Center and the gallery


57th Student Invitational - Highlights


Dan Sorey



Reds, turquoise and shades of Santa Fe make up Sharon Grimes newest mastepiece. You will get a glimpse into Sharon's artist stuido and painting time with this vide of her painting "Spirit Vesses". The 4 panels re 6' x 9' and are a sight to behold!

Southlake Arts - October 2015  

Published on Oct 1, 2015  

Southlake Arts Magazine - October 2015 Issue

Southlake Arts Magazine Article
 Southlake Arts Magazine Article


 Newspaper Article of Sharon Grimes
 Newspaper Article of Sharon Grimes

TEXARkana gazette  

"Artist's work is Written in the Stars"

Texarkana Gazette


Sharon Grimes shares the landscape of the Universe through canvas

By Joanne Xu


It starts with a simple stroke. Across a clean surface, in the margins of the journal, on a scrap of loose paper. Strokes turns into shapes, shapes into objects, and so on. One drifts into a melodious dance of brush to canvas until suddenly, magically, all these little objects have translated into a masterpiece. The evolution of rendering a single piece of inspiration into a real work of art is delicate, intimate and often unpredictable. 


This was the case the first time Sharon Grimes ever took pencil to paper and created art. A hairdresser by trade, Grimes turned to sketching as a means of expression during a mid-career burn-out. She fell in love with entire craft. Sketching expanded to watercolor painting, which ultimately led Grimes to acrylic painting, a medium that infuses much of her work today. 


What quickly followed was an emotional awakening that prompted Grimes to pursue full-time life immersed in the art of painting. Today, the self-taught contemporary abstract artist finds that painting brings a vibrant and expressive texture to life—the kind that warms the soul with passion and vigor. 


Just as anything beautiful must begin with a flicker of inspiration, Grimes draws intrigue from the universe and it’s infinitely intricate complexions of color, texture and light; the gentle gradient of color that lazily washes over the sky at sunset, the way of gleam of light settles on a leaf and sparkles like a diamond. “I watch the way that the sun peeks from behind a cloud at the instant before it moves into my vision,” says Grimes. Her paintings, like the cosmos, are complicated, graceful, and thought-provoking.


Next comes a selection of color from every bend of the spectrum, until an array of curated hues is artfully dolloped onto a palette – even the process of choosing paint is an art in itself for Grimes. With a palette knife, colors are swirled and spread and mixed until the composition starts to evolve. There, she crafts the vert beginnings of what will later become her newest work of art. Every next step is a guessing game, as her intuition guides her across the canvas. “I am sometimes sure of the composition when I start,” says Grimes, “but it’s likely to change along the way, so I remain open to my instincts and to the process.”


Like any truly inspired soul, Grimes reflects upon her finished works with a sweet, sentimental attachment, but never allows her feelings for one painting to affect her progress on the next; the completion of one does not hinder the creation of another, nor does it stop her from painting over a freshly finished piece if she feels so inclined. And, she won’t stop building – adding and subtracting — until her vision becomes reality. 


“Art is very much about problem solving,” says Grimes. “Every painting goes through a problematic phase. Finishing a piece builds confidence that you can work through even the most painful of issues, and you feel competent for a few moments. It mirrors life that way.” Like the fiery passion of the sun and the calculated calamity of the moon, Grimes finds a way to express emotion and logic in her art. 


For Grimes, practicing her craft is the only time she feels entirely secure in the present moment. This is what she strives for viewers to experience when they observe her art – a split second in which time seemingly stands still, and one is entirely immersed in the essence of the painting. Grimes doesn’t ever plan on letting go of that intoxicating feeling. “I don’t ever intend to stop painting as long as I’m physically able,” the artist says. “Even then, I’ll probably be creating art in my head.”


Joanne Xu is a part time freelance writer and blogger living in Austin.


"Local artist creates vibrant focal point in former bank teller's window"

Sharon Grimes and artwork


"Impressions of a City: Sharon Grimes"

Sharon Grimes with painting

Artsy shark

"Artist Showcase Late Winter 2020"

Painting Done by Sharon Grimes



“My inner life has changed the most. Painting has been and still is a form of meditation for me..."

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"Longview artist Sharon Grimes will be featured along with some of her paintings in a new publication scheduled to be released in the fall..."

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Abstract art by Sharon Grimes focus of show in Tyler

"The abstract art of Sharon Grimes of Longview is the focus of an exhibit opening Saturday in Tyler."

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"Sharon Grimes, of Longview,TX is a self taught contemporary abstract artist whose art is a personal expression of life, with all of its textures and layers." Read more from the Art People Gallery... 


"Join us for our newest exhibit, "Written in the Stars - The Art of Sharon Grimes" on display from August 18 through October 29 at the Regional Arts Center! Admission is free." Read more from the TRAHC... 

movement and rest and the hero's journey | Sharon grimes

"I was invited to exhibit at the Longview Museum of Fine art and to judge the 57th Annual Student Invitational one year ago.Regional Arts Center! Admission is free." Read more from the Art People Gallery... 

Sharon grimes

"Sharon Grimes, of Longview,Texas, is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist..." Read more from the Professional Artist Magazine... 

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