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Garden Floral

Garden Floral

Introducing the stunning "Garden Floral" by Sharon Grimes Art, a breathtaking piece that measures 55"x 60" and is created using oil on a 2" cradled birch panel. The textured black edges and gloss finish add depth and elegance to the masterpiece, making it a true statement piece for any space. The Garden Floral is a beautiful representation of Sharon Grimes' signature style, capturing the vibrant colors and intricate details of a garden in full bloom. This exquisite artwork is a must-have for art collectors and nature enthusiasts alike. Add a touch of natural beauty to your home with the Garden Floral, created in 2023 by Sharon Grimes Art.


  • 55"x 60"
  • Oil
  • Created on a 2'' cradled birch panel textured with black edges and gloss finish
  • 2023
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