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Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove

Introducing "Aspen Grove," a stunning 10"x 60" oil painting created by renowned artist. This breathtaking piece is expertly crafted on a 3'' cradled birch panel, and features intricate gold leaf detailing, a sleek black edge, and a glossy varnish for a truly luxurious finish. The serene depiction of an aspen grove captures the beauty of nature in a contemporary, sophisticated style. "Aspen Grove" is a timeless work of art that will elevate any space with its exquisite craftsmanship and ethereal charm. This exceptional painting is a must-have for art collectors and nature enthusiasts alike. 


  • 10"x 60"
  • Oil
  • Created on a 3'' cradled birch panel with gold leaf, black edge and gloss varnish
  • 2024


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