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A State of Radiance

A State of Radiance

Introducing "A State of Radiance" by Sharon Grimes Art, a stunning 32x40 oil painting created on a 1'' cradled birch panel. This captivating piece features black edges and a glossy finish, beautifully framed with an antique gold frame for an elegant touch. "A State of Radiance" is a vibrant and luminous addition to any space, radiating warmth and energy. Created in 2021, this exquisite artwork showcases the artist's talent and creativity, making it a timeless investment for art enthusiasts. Bring a sense of radiance and beauty into your home with this breathtaking masterpiece from Sharon Grimes Art.


  • 32x40
  • Oil
  • Created on a 1'' cradled birch panel with black edges and gloss finish, and framed with an antique gold frame
  • 2021
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