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Garden in Sunlight

Garden in Sunlight

Introducing "Garden in Sunlight," a stunning oil painting that captures the beauty of a sun-drenched garden. Measuring 4' x 10' and created on a 1 1/2" cradled canvas, this artwork features black edges that enhances the vibrant colors and intricate details. Sharon Grime's skillful use of light and shadow brings the garden to life, making it feel as though you could step right into the scene. "Garden in Sunlight" is a captivating piece that would make a beautiful focal point in any home or office. Add a touch of natural beauty to your space with this exquisite painting, created in 2024.


  • 4' x 10'
  • Oil
  • Created on a 1 1/2'' cradled canvas with black edges
  • 2024


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